And the Spirit of Truth will guide you into al the truth!

I would like to welcome all Unificationists who enjoy reading the Bible and finding meaning in biblical verses that support our teachings. The Divine Principle contains over 500 verses from the Bible, but that is only a small percentage of the total number of verses in the entire collection of books.

The Completed Testament is dedicated to presenting posts that will demonstrate how our times represent the dispensational time of the Last Days. Many people believe, Christians and non, that there will be an end to this world, specifically to the present order of things. They believe that drastic events will occur and that through that the earth will be purified from evil. Fundamentalist Christians believe that God will then judge the evildoers and send them to suffer an eternal punishment.

Unificationism questions this view of the unfolding history of the world. We believe that a Parent of Love would not be at all interested in sending his own suffering children into a more prolonged misery because they just could not understand who was the person of Jesus.  Jesus told his followers that he did not come to judge the people and when he dies on the cross he perfectly expressed that conviction by calling upon his Heavenly Father to forgive his tormentors.

In here I also want to offer a mechanism for all those Unificationists who through their own studies have found additional biblical verses that support the Divine Principle teachings.

The articles presented here will be disseminated through the internet through different media by adding musical background, pictures, Powerpoint presentations, slideshows, and other means. The Unificationist interpretation has been called the most comprehensive and sytematic theology of the 20th century. This blog intends to promote it as such and offer its valuable contributions and solutions to centuries old theological debates.

In today’s posts three important subjects wll be discussed.

1.  The Characterization of John the Baptist on the gospel traditions.

2.  The powerful historical evidence that we are presently on the last days.

3. And the expectation of the return of Christ as the return of Jesus on the clouds.


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